All about Me

Hi my name is Jack im 10 years old of age Im in year 5 i go to Emmaus cathloic school i like play footy for Happy valley football club in Afl i suport the Geelong cats . My favourite sport is footy

4 thoughts on “All about Me

  1. Dear Jack I like what you have said about yourself. I like playing football to and as you know I play for Happy Valley, I am in the Happy Valley Gold sighd what team are you in? what possission is the cats on the ladder? Be carefull with the I because sometimes you did not put it in a capital and as well you dont play AFL Jack you play in the SFL you silly billy. From Riley

    • Dear Riley thanks for giving me a posstive feedback well that question you asked me i cna answer that.Geelong cats on the ladder are 3rd place.From jack.s

  2. Dear Jack,

    I also play for Happy Valley Football Club.
    you have a good peice of infomation about you.
    next time check your punctuation and put fullstops.
    GOOD JOB 🙂

    who is your second favourite team for AFL?

  3. Dear Cam,

    Thanks for asking that question. Well i can answer that question my second favourite team is WEST COAST EAGLES.

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